Sandara premieres its Chardonnay & Sake fusion worldwide

Sandara Chardonnay sake

Where emotion and experiences merge, Sandara is born, a unique drink. A bubbly and aromatic low-alcohol freshness capable of accompanying you in the best moments.

Sandara wants to connect the everyday, those simple moments, sometimes challenging, sometimes creative, full of haste and goals, of conversations with yourself or with others, of waiting times while you are from here to there, of disconnections or leisure time with your loved ones, party times, with family or friends, all those stimuli that take up most of your time. A brand that was born thanks to Vicente Gandía, the winery with 132 years of experience that created this range of sparkling wines and that year after year improves by innovating.

The popular Sandara brand expands its range and incorporates a new reference destined to become, due to its innovative character, one of the revelations of the year. In the bubbles of Sandara Chardonnay-Sake, two ancient cultures merge: Mediterranean oenology through the tasty white Chardonnay grape and the tradition of the Far East, with a Sake to give rise to this magical drink that is totally symbolic within both cultures.

Sandara Chardonnay-Sake is an original marriage of traditions characterized by a remarkable straw yellow color, very bright, with fruity notes such as pineapple, banana and apple. On the palate it is very sweet, tasty and with a very elegant acidity. This wonderful combination results in a surprising concept in gastronomy and oenology, opening a new range of pairings within avant-garde cuisine. It is the perfect companion for Asian and fusion cuisine.

Sake, a rice wine, is a very popular drink in the Asian market. A somewhat unknown drink for the western market but that has a great story behind it. Sake is often drunk between meals, as an aperitif, with tea, or as an accompaniment to famous Japanese food.

This new reference is therefore the response of the Valencian winery to the concerns and needs of the new consumer, demanding and eager for news. Sandara Sake aims to surprise again those who are not regular wine drinkers and who have not yet known the true flavor potential of this Japanese drink.

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