Sandara revolutionizes Japan again


Sandara, one of the main brands of the Valencian winery, references a new format in 21,000 stores of the 7-Eleven chain in Japan.

Sandara is a brand that is characterized by being innovative within the sector. Its latest launch has been a new format, a 25cl aluminum bottle. This format, which has been on the market since the beginning of the year, has already borne fruit and has generated a very good response from many countries. Japan has been one of them.

Japanese consumers have a very different way of shopping than we do. They tend to frequent convenience stores and among the main chains is 7-Eleven. A leading multinational chain of convenience stores in the Japanese market with 21,000 stores. Sandara Lemon and Sandara Mojito Mini (25cl.) are the new references chosen by the 7-Eleven chain.

This news augurs very good prospects and a promising future for the Sandara brand in the country. The brand started in Japan in 2014 with its 75cl White and Rosé references and has been expanding little by little. Today, 6 Sandara references are produced in 750 ml glass bottles and two references in 250 ml aluminum bottles.

This new format makes the Sandara brand consolidate in the Japanese market and achieve a very important distribution at a national level.

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