Sandara rewards solidarity in the “10K Valencia Ibercaja”

sandara 10k

Bodegas Vicente Gandía wanted to award a bottle of Sandara Rosé to the athletes who, when registering for the event, marked the solidarity box in favor of the Asperger Valencia Association.

Sandara, the sparkling wine brand of Bodegas Vicente Gandía, had a prominent presence at the “10K Valencia Ibercaja 2019”, which chose the Asociación Asperger Valencia – TEA as the solidarity entity for this XI edition, which was held on January 13.

The participants in this race supported the important work carried out by the entity in favor of people with Asperger’s Syndrome by voluntarily contributing an extra €3 when formalizing their registration through the official website of the event www.10kvalencia .com.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía wanted to reward all the athletes who checked this box and gave a bottle of Sandara Rosé to each of them at the Runner’s Fair.

The Valencia Asperger Association was born out of the need to make Asperger’s Syndrome visible, to care for people with this condition and their families, to make their day-to-day life easier with respect and integration. The Association is a meeting point, answers, advice and help. In it, people with the Syndrome and their families participate in the workshops, training and therapies carried out by specialized professionals in the field of psychology.

In short, Sandara is committed to linking with popular athletics, and in this case the “10K Valencia Ibercaja” through the values of solidarity within sport.

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