The Sandara challenge

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Sandara launches a Challenge to all her followers and new consumers, bringing creativity and originality into play in decorative ideas.

The Challenge invites us to use one or more bottles of Sandara to give life to a new decorative idea. With no more limits than the recognizable presence of a bottle or several bottles of Sandara. According to the organizers of the Challenge, anything is possible. Think big using several bottles, wall size, column size, or in a tiny way, deconstructing the container or partially transforming its morphology. Any excuse is a good one to enjoy this refreshing drink and contribute to giving a more useful life to a container that has already become a fetish for consumers.

And how could it be otherwise, the Challenge has a jury that has been specially selected to guarantee quality and transparency in choosing the winners. A proven group of professionals with experience and criteria tested through a multidisciplinary vision and who will try to choose the best proposals worthy of the €5,000, €2,000 and €1,000 of the first three awards.

In addition to opting to be one of the three lucky winners, you can try to be the most voted creativity on Facebook and/or Instagram, increasing the economic endowment of your prize with €500.

Some ideas help us to inspire our imagination. Below you can see how Sandara can be the perfect excuse to give a different touch to the spaces of your home, your business or your relaxation corner…

Introducing materials inside, or placing ropes outside, playing with movement, surprising and very striking effects are achieved to finish off a small table in a living room where Sandara is present as something of her own.

Take risks and try to access the space inside the glass to place objects or elements inside, a candle? A light bulb? Small objects that seem to belong to a new universe within Sandara serigraphy…?

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